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Nick Lonborg 

 Artist and Woodcarver

Nick Lonborg, originally from Scituate MA. was born in South Korea and was adopted by Jim and Rosemary Lonborg at the age of seven. Nick’s dad, Jim is best known as a former major league baseball player, who pitched for the Boston Red Sox and won the Cy Young award in 1967.

Nick currently resides and maintains his workshop in Halifax Ma. he has been woodcarving for over 25 years, and it all began with a Christmas gift of ten carving lessons in 1983. Nick attended woodcarving classes with Paul McCarthy in Scituate harbor and his love of the craft grew very quickly.  Mr. McCarthy hired Nick a few years later to work around the shop, which turned into an informal apprenticeship and that is where Nick’s career began as a woodcarver of the South Shore. In the spring of 1987 Nick joined the U.S. Navy traveling around the world while serving his country as an engineer. Although the schedule was hectic Nick still found the time to design and create quarter-boards (carved signs) and other woodcarving projects while on board ship. In 1991 Nick crossed and saluted the quarterdeck of the USS Truett for the last time and he was honorably discharged as a veteran of Desert Storm.

After a short stint at Quincy Collage, Nick was accepted to UMASS Amherst on the GI Bill, where he earned a degree in Fine Arts. During summer breaks while in college Nick did woodcarving out on Nantucket Island creating many of the unique and beautiful quarter-boards you still see there today. Currently, the Cape and Islands is a major market for Lonborg Woodcarving creations.

Nick has been involved in some very unique carving projects such as restoration of the coastal church of Saint Mary’s. There Nick completed an extensive amount of work which included, replacing, refinishing, and gold leafing 20 Stations of the Cross; restoring the main alter, columns, and capitals; over 50 relief carvings along the main body of the church and several life sized carved saints; also creating all the exterior signage for different buildings and satellite locations.

In preparation of the 2001 Olympics, Nick created an eight foot 23k gold eagle, along with more than twenty quarterboards representing different US cities for the Olympic valley in Utah.

Nick has completed countless other projects smaller in scale but just as impressive, and rewarding. Some samples are on his web site




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