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Bellamy eagle Small Streamer

 Influenced by John Bellamy , This eagle was hand carved out of a sweet piece of sugar pine. The aroma while carving it was therapeutic and very enjoyable to say the least.  It has five coats of  paint then was gilded with 23k German double t hick gold.  Not to shabby for forty hours of work . It measures 42" by 11" and is a wonderful representation of Americana and patriotism . 


John Bellamy

A native of Kittery Point, Maine, Bellamy never considered himself an artist and signed few of his pieces but his carvings are so distinctive that experts can easily identify them. Bellamy's eagles show a simplicity of design, form, and shape, yet he gave his birds a swing, a feeling of action and movement.  It is ironic that Today Bellamy's eagles can fetch between $20,000 and $40,000, with some pieces selling for even more. and back then he  he would have been happy to trade a bottle of whisky for one of his eagles.

Despite his great talent, Bellamy led a troubled, restless life, often moving from job to job, sometimes working for as little as $2.50 per day at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where he carved the Lancaster eagle. He also worked in Portsmouth, New Hampshire as well as Charlestown and Boston, Massachusetts

Quoted from Yvonne Brault Smith


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